Why use an educational consultant


Your education may be the largest investment that you will ever make; studies indicate a direct relationship between the kind of university or college a student attends, and that student’s earning power and choice of profession in later life. The advice of an educational consultant, based on years of information-gathering about universities and programs as well as an ongoing interaction with admissions officers, greatly increases the likelihood that your investment in your education and your future will be well made.

At present, the typical public high school guidance counselor in Cyprus advises between four and five hundred students. These counselors are expected to be experts not just in university placement – in which vital information is constantly changing – but in vocational training and in general counseling issues as well. Theirs is a generalist position that makes it very difficult to maintain expertise in any one area, or to give substantial time, resources, or individual attention to any of their hundreds of “cases.” And for families looking for help in placing students in appropriate universities, independent educational consultants are the only available professional resource.

Educational consultants devote their full energies to university placement and related services. This means we have the time and the undivided attention to give to the essential work of fitting students to universities; to developing relationships with admissions staff; to keeping up with key developments in higher education; and – most important – to getting to know the individual student with whom we will work closely throughout the placement process.

It is this combination of expertise and personal attention that is drawing increasing numbers of students to our services.